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RideHIIT is redefining how gay men work out, Building a community where each man can belong and reach their fitness goals.

The gym can be intimidating, fitness classes as the only male or not sure about weights can put guys off fitness. I was single and wanting to grow my friend base, especially ones into fitness, as a trainer i like my workouts effective and intense. The lack of resources to meet other gay men naturally, without being overly flirtatious or sexualised, is so upsetting, I had to offer an alternative.

Welcome to RideHIIT, Less fluff, more tuff, supportive workout group for gay men in London

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What is a LIVE workout?

When it comes to sweating, our LIVE workouts are a “hole” lot more fun than a pre recording or one way workout.  Yeah, it’s weird, we know, but its what makes RideHIIT outrageously Effective! 2 way sessions mean the instructor can see and hear you. Watching the guys and trainer working out in real time with you, pulls you into the session like no recording can. 

Copy of Cream and Green Minimalism Chris

WOW! That's scary joining a bunch of Gay men who already workout.

Yes it is, Its terrifying! - We are a friendly supportive group and we know its scary so we want to help. This is how we try and help:


  • 1 on 1 private video chat with instructor for questions

  • Connect with the instructor and the other members on the members app

  • Live 10 mins before and after class to chat with other members

  • FREE Weekly online social events

  • Turn your camera off if you wish

What are the benefits to a Live workout over copying a pre recorded workout?

  • Personal coaching and motivation from the instructor.

  • Less injury's with quicker results

  • Instant accountability.

  • THE BEST THING is being part of a pack working together feeding off each others energy. When we all get together on screen showing our red sweaty faces after the workout its MAGIC!

What if I'm not as fit as the other guys!

This is not a competition. Some guys go fast, some guys go slow, but everyone is working out as hard as they can. Listen to your body, be honest, do YOUR best. 




Copy of Cream and Green Minimalism Chris

This past year, The RideHIIT boys have stayed connected and looked after each other as you would any family member. I'm so proud of the RideHIIT Family and could not imagine what this year would have been like without them. All guys seen on this site and Instagram are the real RideHIIT members doing the real workouts.