Award Winners

The first Awards night has past. Absolutely did not go as Mikey planed (tech issues) but that does not make these winners any less deserving. The Awards are for me to say thank you to you guys for working out with RideHIIT. I know its hard but you really do give me a reason to wake each day so thank you. Mikey

Cum Back award

(Returning member)

What people said:

"He had a break but came back looking STRONG 💪"

"We miss you so much"

HIIT Hero:

(Biggest Heart)

What people said:

"Always the first to say hi to new members, super thoughtful and just a gorgeous person"

"Sam is always reaching out to people and coordinating events for the group :)"

Level up Award

(Most Improved)

What people said:

"Looking at the pics from last year, you can really see the growth! And when he takes his top off ..."

"Look at those shoulders!""


(Most Dedicated)

What people said:

MATT - "He’s there E. V. E. R. Y. class.. smashing it as always. I blame it on all the caffeine he drinks."

JOHN - "He’s a machine!!!! He’s such a big part of RideHIIT’s personality and heart 💜"


(You chose the reason and cold was the theme so this month its the ICE BITCH AWARD)((not to do with a cold heart It is anything but)

What people said:

"For his commitment to training outside in basically all weather conditions.. a true inspiration."

"Ice sculpture skills."

Member of the month

(All round star Golden Mikey Level)

What people and Mikey said:

"Thank you for being so kind and caring to the RideHIIT Members, always the first to welcome new guys and checking in with everyone through The pandemic.

We know this year has been hard for you, yet you always have time for us!

Your very important to us all, thank you for being so awesome and having amazing taste in shorts"

All award winners will have gifts sent out to them through this week, Sam will also get his Golden Mikey Award

Next awards?

Sat 27th 8pm

The Awards:

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